Cadiax® Compact 2

Mandibular Recording Device

System is designed for registration and display of mandibular hinge axis movements with data used to program the articulator.

  • Patient set-up and recordings are accomplished in less than 10 minutes
  • Easily fits into any teaching or practice philosophy
  • Visual aid and screening tool for TMJ anomalies


  • Real-time recording to visually locate the reference position
  • Increased resolution
  • Compatible with Windows®
  • Uses new magnetic technology for optimized recording of biomechanical movements of the TMJ
  • Multiple recordings for comparison of tracings and accuracy verification
  • New Streamlined Cadiax® unit:
    • Space saving dimensions: 1.5″w x 6.5″h x 6.5″d
    • Portable
    • Plugs directly into computer USB port
  • Settings can be calculated for over 15 different models of articulators

Comes complete with: Cadiax® compact unit, upper and lower facebow, clutch, foot switch, 2 sensor flags, 2 styli, instruction manual and recording software

Item No. Description
20002375 Cadiax® Compact 2 System and Recording Software
20002916 Gamma Dental Software®